Go To Sleep! 3 Reasons Your Doggone Pooch Keeps You Awake At Night

Posted on: 26 January 2017

You cuddle up under the covers, stretch out your legs, and prepare to drift off to dreamland, but unfortunately, your playful pooch seems to have other ideas other than bedtime. It can be downright comical to see the things some dogs will do in the middle of the night to keep their owners awake, but if you're the poor pup parent that's not getting any rest, it is anything but funny. If your dog has decided that nighttime is not made for sleeping and you are paying the consequences, you are bound to be frustrated. Check out these possible reasons why your dog is refusing to sleep at night.

Your dog has a keen sense of hearing and noises are keeping it awake. 

The house may seem utterly quiet for you, but in the ears of a dog, even the slightest noises can pique their interest and keep them awake. For example, if there is a neighborhood dog staying awake and howling all night long, your dog may hear this when you cannot. Likewise, if there is a mouse scurrying around in the kitchen or in the walls, the small sounds could be enough to keep your pooch on high alert. Pay attention to where your dog is focusing its attention when refusing to sleep and you may be able to track down a noise you didn't realize was there. 

Your dog is not active enough throughout the day to feel tired at night. 

If you have a dog that is left alone in the house all day while you are at work or otherwise gone, there is a pretty good chance they spend the majority of this time napping. Therefore, they get enough rest through the day to feel wide awake at night. This is especially an issue with dog breeds that have a lot of energy anyway, such as some smaller breeds. Combatting this problem may involve some schedule rearranging or hiring a dog walker to swing by to take Fido out while you're gone, but will definitely create a new sleep and wake pattern that could help. 

Your dog's diet is keeping it awake at bedtime. 

just like humans, some foods that your dog may consume can give them energy, especially when it comes to certain types of treats. Likewise, some foods can cause irritation in the dog's digestive tract if they eat right before bedtime. Try rearranging feeding schedules and paying closer attention to foods your dog eats to see if you can rectify the situation. 


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