3 Ways To Curb Your Cat's Scratching Habits

Posted on: 9 February 2017

Cars can be a lot of fun to have around. The problem is that they can be destructive. Cats scratch at things like your furniture and draperies in order to help get rid of old claw sheaths and get out fresh new surfaces so their claws stay nice and sharp. That can cause you to end up with destroyed possessions. If your cat is scratching at everything, what can you do to help curb their destructive tendencies?

Double Sided Tape

Cats don't like to have sticky things on their feet. One thing you can do is to put double sided tape on the edges of your furniture. Your cat won't be able to get a grip on anything and they won't like the stickiness, so they will start to avoid that area. It may take some time for your cat to out of the habit of scratching in that area, but they will eventually stop. 

Scratching Posts

Something else you can do is to add a scratching post next to whatever they are scratching. Your cat obviously likes scratching in that area, so putting a scratching post next to the off-limits area will make it easier for you to transfer their scratching habits from your couch or draperies over to the scratching post. You can use that in conjunction with other solutions. The nice thing about scratching posts is that you don't have to go out and buy one. You can make your own with a couple of pieces of wood and some carpet remnants or some sisal rope. You will need a piece of wood that can act as a base and then another piece that you can use as the post itself. Just fasten the material on the post with some glue and let your cat go to town. 

Nail Caps

Another option is that you can get nail caps to put on your cat's claws. These caps are soft caps that get glued onto your cat's claws. The caps don't hurt your cat at all. They naturally fall off after a few weeks. You can put them on yourself, but if your cat is touchy about having someone touching their paws, then you may want to ask your vet to do it for you. 

Your cat doesn't want to purposely destroy your property, even if it feels that way sometimes. They just want to be able to keep their claws in good shape. You can do things that will let them follow their instincts and not destroy your possessions. 

For more information about taking care of your cat, especially if you need your cat out of the house for a time, contact a cat boarding facility in your area, such as Cat Care Clinic.


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