3 Ways To Memorialize Your Cat

Posted on: 13 February 2017

Your cat was undoubtedly a part of your family, making their death nothing less than a tragedy. Memorializing your cat is a great way to grieve their loss, while also honoring their life and expressing your love. If you're looking for a unique way to go about this process, here are some ideas.


Consider creating a scrapbook to collect and showcase your cat's life. In preparation, start collecting all the pictures you have of your cat. To personalize the book, dedicate each page to a different moment in their life.

For instance, a day dedicated to the first day you brought them home and another to a special moment you two shared together, such as play time. You may even be able to add personal effects like a piece of their favorite toy in the book. To further personalize the scrapbook, you could have it designed with a custom cover.

Memorial Service

If you have a large family or have several close friends who would also like to honor your cat's life, a memorial service is an excellent option. To stay connected with your pet, try to think about their personality when planning the service.

For instance, if your cat was more energetic or had a highly social personality, having the memorial service in a park or other public setting might be appropriate. However, if your cat was more reserved and not much of a social animal, keep this in mind and plan a small gathering in the backyard. Consider asking those closest to your pet to share a few words about their life to add a personal touch.

Custom Jewelry

If you want an option that allows you to take your pet with you everywhere you go, consider a custom piece of jewelry. With this option, you can have any piece of jewelry customized to memorialize your pet. For example, you could have a ring designed with the name and birth date of your cat.

Another option would be to have a necklace designed with a pendant that includes a photograph or engraved image of your cat. You could even consider a charm bracelet with an engraved charm representing your cat and a collection of other charms that symbolize their personality or things and activities that they enjoyed.

When it comes to memorializing your cat, remember that there is no wrong or right way. Think about your pet's personality and your wishes to come up with the best solution. Contact a company like Homer's Furry Manor to learn more.


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