Has Your Cat Developed Allergy Symptoms? Take Them In To A Vet For Help

Posted on: 5 May 2017

Taking care of a cat is different and more challenging than caring for a child because they are not able to communicate with you what is wrong in an understandable way. This means you will need to do your own research to get ideas on the cause of health issues that your cat recently started having. If you have noticed anything pointing towards allergies, you should schedule a vet appointment right away.

Figure Out the Problem

The goal of this visit should be to determine the problem. This can be a bit challenging with a cat because the vet may have to perform a number of tests to come up with an accurate diagnosis. It is beneficial to be as thorough as possible if the vet asks you questions about your household because your cat can be allergic to things such as cigarette smoke and perfume, so the professional needs to know if this is a possibility.

Ask About Solutions

If it ends up being a flea problem, a vet can give you a flea treatment prescription that you cannot get at a pet store. A vet may want you to try out a different food for some time to see if the symptoms continue. In the case of a pollen allergy, a quick solution may be to get allergy medicine to alleviate symptoms. To prevent this from becoming something that you must give your cat forever or during certain seasons, you should then start considering ways that you can minimize allergens around your property.

Make Household Changes

Carpet cleaning is an excellent start in many situations. For instance, if fleas are an issue, you can get this service with a focus on getting rid of the fleas and their eggs that may be hidden in the fibers of your carpets. It will also serve its purpose when eliminating pollen that is sitting on the carpet. It may even be worth going to the extent of removing certain flowers, bushes, or trees in your yard. Staying in communication with the vet is a great idea, as they can write down the measures you have taken.

Having a cat with allergies is not something that you want to wait out because there are some serious symptoms that could arise. Combining a visit to the vet with making changes around the house is the best way to tackle this problem head-on with hopes to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. Contact a veterinary hospital like Animal House Veterinary Hospital for additional information.


Getting Your Pet Fit

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