Notice Your Cat Seems Anxious After A Move? 3 Ways A Visit To The Vet Can Help

Posted on: 5 May 2017

A change in location can be stressful for any cat, but when the change also mean a long drive to a new home and settling into their new space, it can lead to problems. If you've noticed that your cat appears more anxious due to pulling out their fur, eating less, or simply acting strangely in another way, it could be a sign that your cat is experiencing anxiety over the move. Luckily, taking care of your cat when you suspect that they have anxiety from the move is as simple as visiting the vet. The following services and ideas can all be provided to you by your vet and make a big difference in the behavior and mood of your cat.

Ideas to Keep Your Cat Busy

One way to ensure that your cat is much calmer is by getting ideas for how to keep them entertained. When your cat is acting more anxious than usual, it could also mean that they have a lot of excess energy they need to burn off. You may be fairly busy due to your recent move, but helping your cat burn some energy can make a big difference in how comfortable your cat is. By burning some energy and keeping your cat busier with ideas from the vet, such as adding new toys or a cat tree, you should notice an improvement.

Natural Anxiety Treatments

There are many options for naturally treating anxiety in your cat at home. One way to do so that can make a positive impact is a pheromone plug-in. By distributing positive scents to your cat in the new home, they will likely feel much more at ease and get used to their new home faster.

Another option for natural treatments would be treats that contain anxiety supplements and herbs since they can be a nice reward for your cat, while providing some natural treatments.  

Prescribe Anxiety Medication

In more extreme situations, your veterinarian may recommend prescribing your cat with anxiety medication. It can be frustrating for your cat to suffer from anxiety after a recent move to the point that there is a change in their looks or personality. Your vet can prescribe you with a medical treatment that should help in making your cat more comfortable and at ease.

Being cautious and visiting a vet right after moving can make all the difference in ensuring that your cat is cared for. With the above services in mind, you won't need to worry that your cat is suffering from anxiety due to the move and can get the right treatment for them. 


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