• Teething Puppies: How To Calm And Comfort Your New Dog

    Believe it or not, puppies have baby teeth and lose them just like human babies do. While this is a natural process that dogs normally don't need any help with, there may be periods of discomfort and anxiety that go with the teething process. This guide will help you to care for your puppy during this time, reduce their anxiety, and prevent them from being destructive by biting. When Dogs Lose Their Teeth
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  • 4 Tips For Choosing A Pet Boarding Facility For Your Puppy

    Planning a vacation means making arrangements for every member of your household, including any pets you may have. If you've recently adopted a puppy, you may be feeling stressed out over the future plans for them while you're away from home. If you can't bring along your puppy for the trip, you'll want to look into how to best choose a dog boarding facility that will be ideal for them to stay.
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